Cricket World Cup Fever 2015

Cricket World CupThe ICC Cricket World Cup is just a month away and people have already started to look forward for the exciting matches between Sri Lanka and its counterparts. The great battle of cricket will be settled in two countries of Australia and New Zealand jointly starting from 14th February 2015. There will be total 14 teams divided in two groups that would come face to face in different cities of Australia and New Zealand. This is a very exciting and unique World Cup as it is hosted in two countries making it more thrilling since the hosting countries are also playing against each other. It is one of the largest international sports tournaments in the world with more than 400 players and officials participating.

The world cup craze has always been very enchanting especially for cricket lovers. Thus, those who are waiting for their favorite event to kick off are already enjoying the cricket ambiance within their social circles. Some people are getting involved into heated discussions about their favorite teams or players while some are speculating the winning teams. Some are playing cricket matches as a source of entertainment to keep them excited and their spirits high while the world cup arrives. Special matches are being conducted in grounds, play areas, streets and even roads with proper cricket world cup dresses being worn by players showing the ultimate passion for cricket.

CricketSri Lankan nation is known for its craziness for cricket and being extremely passionate as well as sensitive about the game. People take things seriously with the fall of a single wicket, or if there is huge target to be chased. Special arrangements are made to watch the cricket matches in homes, hotels, restaurants and even markets. The recent trend of showing cricket matches in Cinemas and in open air markets by putting up big screens is making the cricket game more enthralling. Now even families go to watch cricket matches and friends make their own plans to watch a cricket match together at some restaurant or nearby big screen.

Since the cricket kit for Cricket World Cup 2015 is announced, now people would flood the shops and retailers to buy their favorite kit. The retailers have already filled their stocks with cricket world cup dresses, balls, bats, and for other cricket accessories please ‘visit here’. In fact some serious cricket lovers give orders to buy these cricket kits before world cup so they do not have to end up empty handed when the time comes. Even girls have a craze for cricket and they also wear Sri Lankan cricket team’s shirts to show their solidarity with the team. They have their favorite players and they are as much excited to support their favorite player as the guys.

Due to the recent hype of online shopping trend in Sri Lanka, buying your favorite team’s kit is no more a hassle. If you are a passionate cricket player or you are a zealous supporter of your favorite team, you can find all the cricket accessories online at very affordable prices at online shopping stores in Sri Lanka like Kaymu. They have all the latest cricket dresses and accessories including gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, helmets etc. that you want to get to revive your cricket passion.



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