Women’s Day Special

Women’s Day SpecialWomen’s rights has been an ongoing debate since the late 1800’s. 8th March has been designated as Women’s Day to remind women every year that they have the right to go against subjugation. Every year, everyone across the world celebrates this day to tell women how special they are. If you are a woman who wants to get something for her women fellow-beings, or a man wanting to celebrate the lives of women in his life, finding the perfect gift can be a bit of a trouble – however, not so much anymore as you can shop with the perfect women’s day deals online at websites such kaymu.lk.

  • Women’s Day – The Revolution

The women’s right movement was initiated in late 19th century. Initially, it was done so in order to provide women with the right to vote. Many working women, working equally as men had half the rights, and weren’t even allowed to vote, making them feel a lot weaker and dependent. The Socialist Party of America demanded the voting, political and economical rights of women in 1909 – This movement was marked by a number of protests and rallies. The observance started getting attention of feminists and activists, and soon a wave of enlightenment spread across Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. On February 23, 1917, a group of workingwomen belonging to Russia went on a long strike, although they were severely warned against it by the political parties.

A few days after intense protests, Nicholas II was dethroned and Provincial Government was forced to grant women the voting right. According to the observed Gregorian calendar, this historical strike that forced the government to give women their rights was observed on March 8th, and since then, the day has been celebrated with zeal and fervor across the globe.

  •  Women’s Day Celebrations Today

Women’s Day is not just for feminists – it is for everyone. It is a day of awakening for women across the globe. It is a message for every girl out there that tells her that she is special and there is nothing out there that should tell her otherwise. Although, today the world is a lot better for women to live in, it isn’t ideal. Women still struggle to make their decisions, are still highly oppressed and feel afraid to speak out for their rights. Mostly it is not a woman’s decision but the society’s as to when she should married, have children or not or to work or be a housewife. However, despite these issues, we have still come a long way.

In Sri Lanka, like rest of the world, this women empowerment day is celebrated with passion. Theatrical shows are held, TV channels present various programs and gifts are distributed among women. Many stores provide special Women’s Day discounts to the female customers on this day, and many activists and feminists out there make most of this day to speak on behalf of all the women out there. A woman is a sister, a mother, a daughter and a wife – but most of all, she is a unique individual, and that alone is a reason to celebrate womanhood. For information about products “Visit here”

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